rha is a third party administrator offering Group Health and Life, Group Health and Dental Claim Administration, Premium Accounting and Administration, Preferred Provider Network Management, Plan Design, Stop Loss placement and Fully Insured programs for clients nationwide.

With over twenty-five years handling Health Insurance and Health related claims, rha’s hand-selected team of professionals develop tailor-made, cost effective plans that fit the needs of your employees — today and as your company grows. We offer an integrated network of services which include: Group Health and Life, Group Health and Dental Claim Administration, Premium Accounting and Administration, Preferred Provider Network Management, Plan Design, placement of Stop-Loss, and Fully Insured programs.

rha is an Independent Texas based corporation, insured, bonded and we maintain all licensing requirements by the State of Texas.

You are the most important asset in our company — we are flexible to your needs and constantly monitor the ever changing health care industry.

Your rha management team

Stephanie Denise Kelley
Executive Director

Stephanie began working with rha from 1998-2002 as a part-time employee while attending Texas Tech University. She worked with image processing, indexing, data entry and clerk filing. During that time, she recognized the contributions she could make to rha by combining her university studies and personal experience. Learning the insurance business in the field helped Stephanie prepare to be effective in a full time capacity. Upon completing her BBA in International Business, in 2002, Stephanie began working full time with rha. In 2003, she was appointed Executive Director and Customer Service Manager. Her responsibilities also include Image Processing/Data Entry Manager and Account Representative for PPOs, PBMs and UR companies. She is also the Cafeteria Plans Claims examiner. Today, her work experience and educational background benefits clients across the map. A very personal experience prepared her well.

In August, 1998, as Stephanie prepared for freshman year at Texas Tech, she became very ill and was diagnosed with Leukemia. Devastated by the news, and facing a frightening illness, she was confronted with health insurance and coverage issues. A second opinion gave hopeful news that Stephanie did not have Leukemia, but a different life-threatening condition of a highly allergic system, which had caused her immune system to be on overload. Once the accurate diagnosis was determined, she started a 5 year intensive treatment regimen to combat her body’s allergies, build up the immune system, and reverse the lung and breathing disorder that had developed. Today Stephanie is doing well, still fighting a life-long battle, but one she keeps from conquering her. The difficulties she experienced in getting clear answers and the frustrations she experienced left an indelible impression on her.

I’ve experienced firsthand the pain and frustration of clients dealing with insurance claims. I’m committed to making the process as effortless and uncomplicated as possible. In many ways, I feel like rha is about its clients, and my passion is fueled by a desire to provide ultimate customer service. My personal experience of a nearly fatal allergy attack brought to mind the excesses of dealing with insurance companies and gave me a heart for others. Stephanie Kelley

At Texas Tech, Stephanie was a member of Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity while being named to the President Honor Roll and Dean’s List. Stephanie enjoys international travel and while studying abroad in 2001 she developed her first love of travel. She backpacked with 3 other students throughout Europe following her studies in Norway. Thereon, she tries visiting a different country annually. Her love of the tropics and exotic locations includes beaches, surrounded by ocean sounds, where she is most at peace. Stephanie works out and enjoys watching gymnastics, hockey and soccer. Cultural interests, a love for animals and a taste for wonderful foods round out her appreciation for life. Stephanie also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and the local food bank.

I am extremely close to my family, and they are the most important part of my life.  Because our company is owned by my family, the love and dedication I have for them tends to extend itself into my job performance and to our clients/contacts.  I believe in doing what is right, even if it costs you everything in order to do the right thing.  I feel we are only as good as our word, and at the end of the day, you must do everything you can to keep your word, both personally and professionally.


Pam Holder

Pam oversees all the daily operations of rha and is responsible for personnel, marketing, accounting and client services. She had 15 years prior experience as the business manager for Coon Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home in Dalhart, Texas. The administrative and executive skills acquired while working for Coon Memorial have served her well in her current capacity at rha. Pam currently holds a license for Group I Life, Accident, Health and HMO from the State of Texas. She holds a State of Oklahoma Third Party Administrators and Non-Residential Produce for Accident and Health, and Life license.  Growing up on a ranch in a family of 6, Pam developed a strong work ethic from an experience of sewing, cooking and caring for animals. A proud owner of 3 dogs and 4 cats, Pam is always on the go. With 6 children and 3 grandchildren she knows what it takes to care and nurture and she passes along that experience to her clients today. Pam enjoys fishing, watching football and basketball and cooking. She visits Disney World and enjoys beach combing for Brazilian Beans.

Rick Holder
Founder of rha

Rick began working in sales of self-funded health benefits plans, ERISA benefits programs and Section 125 Cafeteria plans in 1984, as an employee of Penn General Southwest. In January, 1986, he founded a brokerage firm for Stop Loss coverage, specializing in alternate funded programs. Rick has extensive knowledge of self-funded health benefit plans, and has helped countless organizations and institutions realize tremendous savings and achieve ultimate control of their insurance costs. RH Administrators, Inc, was licensed in 1993 and has been operating as a TPA since 1994. Rick served on the board of directors for Guarantee Insurance Resources of Atlanta, Georgia and is held in the highest regard by colleagues and the Third Party Administration business. Ms Cher Bumps, the owner of a TPA in Oklahoma City, gave testimony of that when discussing Rick’s knowledge of the business. Rick knew more about the operation of the insurance industry in the areas of Self-Funded health plans, ERISA benefits and Section 125 Cafeteria plans than any other person with whom I have talked. Rick could be called as an expert witness if he were ever called to do so. While attending Arizona State University, Rick played baseball on scholarship. He also attended Texas Tech University. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, drag racing, shooting, camping, boating and flying, He is an avid college football and basketball fan. Rick also enjoys the sport of boxing. He has 6 children and 3 grandchildren. I enjoy giving. The real pleasure of life is watching and teaching others. Whereas I valued being number One in everything, I now enjoy observing others attain their goals, and supporting them throughout that process. Rick Holder The personal approach and an attitude of giving the best service to clients have been the benchmark of the rha brand since its inception. With a commitment to providing the best Stop Loss rates that can be obtained in the industry, Rick and rha has created a Texas sized reputation. rha continues to live up to that promise today.